Terms of Use

  1. Phantom Ltd provides access to the 24 hour call centre facility for emergency use only.
  2. Our office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Any technical or operational queries should be directed to the office during working hours.
  3. Your Phantom device has been installed as a security system. It is your responsibility to ensure that your battery is maintained and regularly checked. Although our system has very modest power requirements it is essential that you check your battery at regular intervals to ensure operation is not affected. If you are going to disconnect your battery for any reason, please phone to advise us.
    We will ask that you inform us when the battery has then been replaced.
  4. Subscriptions
    1. You will have purchased your system with either an annual or 5 year option. We will write to you approximately 1 month before your subscription expires and invite you to renew.
    2. Should you fail/ forget to renew we will issue a reminder. However 6 weeks after your subscription has expired your system will be archived. You may still be able to renew after this period, though, subject to an administrative charge of £25.
    3. Your subscription is not transferable to another customer.
    4. No refunds can be offered against unused subscriptions
  5. Transfers
    1. You can have your Phantom device de-installed and re-installed to a replacement vehicle. Any remaining subscription will carry over. You will be liable for a £25 re-registration fee plus the costs of the fitting.
    2. Please note: If your system was fitted by the manufacturer you will not be able to transfer your unit. You can however receive a substantial discount on a replacement device and transfer any outstanding subscription.
    3. You can transfer your system to another customer. They will be liable for a re-registration fee of £25 plus their subscription (either annual or 5 years)
  6. Your system is effective in mainland UK, Northern and Southern Ireland and across Europe. Our Phantom units use a roaming network provider but our systems are still limited by network coverage available. This enables our Proiii units to roam onto any network as required, giving us the best coverage possible (both in the UK and Europe). There is always the possibility that from time to time you may find your vehicle in an area of poor coverage. We cannot be held liable for this occurrence. It is unusual and is unlikely to affect our ability to recover your vehicle should it be stolen.
  7. Please inform us before travelling in Europe or outside the UK. There is no additional cost for this.
  8. Please note: Our system is designed to identify stolen vehicles. It is important our resources are not tied up reacting to false alarms. Should you trigger your proactive Pro iii system by accident, you should phone and let us know. We will advise you verbally if we think you are triggering your system excessively. We feel that no more than 1 trigger per month or 12 per year is a reasonable allowance. Excessive triggering will result in a charge of £30 administrative charge.
    In the event of an alert you must ensure the vehicle is safe and secure. If the vehicle is stolen you must contact the police to obtain a crime number, provide us with this and we will liase with the police.